Thursday, July 6, 2017

Surprise! Animals Have Parties Too

Click, Clack, Surprise!

The animals on the farm are preparing to celebrate a birthday. But duckling isn't quite sure how to prepare for a birthday party since he's never experienced one. The sheep are snippity-clipping, the chickens are shimmy-shaking. But what should duckling be doing?

Not only did I choose to post this book because it's cute, but also to show that not all books (as I'm sure you know) follow the rules that authors are taught to use when writing. You may want to refer to my previous post regarding feedback that I received from an agent on one of my picture book manuscripts. The bold print indicates recommendations to my manuscript. The regular print refers to Click, Clack, Surprise!.

  • I needed "more suspense in the beginning" 
    • There is some suspense at the beginning of Click, Clack, but minimal
  • I needed "tension with higher stakes in the middle"
    • no tension (that I could tell)
  • I needed "more character growth"
    • if duckling grew it was on the last page
  • While I didn't post anything about this earlier, as authors we are always told to have the main character solve his/her own problem.
    • character growth only on the last page
So, while I wholeheartedly recommend Click, Clack, Surprise!, I wanted to point out that if you have a certain feel and love for what you are creating, don't immediately dismiss it because it doesn't follow the guidelines you've been taught. One of the best examples of this is the Harry Potter series. This book didn't sell quickly, but when it did it flew to the top of the charts and exceeded all expectations.

My thoughts are to follow the writing guidelines, but if your heart says to veer off the path, I say Go For It!

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