Monday, February 13, 2017

Cute Picture Book "Eddie the Bully" by Henry Cole

I have to admit when I read the title of this book, Eddie the Bully by Henry Cole, I walked right by it. Too many bully books on the market, not interested. But the cover drew me back, and before I knew it the book was mine! Take a look at Eddie. Don't you have to know his story?

Eddie's classmates are darling. But the cuties are picked on unmercifully by the rude and mean Eddie. Then one day a new student makes her way into the classroom. One who is cute, but not by today's standards. Oh, no, and she is assigned a seat next to Eddie. Everyone prepares for the worst!

I'm pretty tough on picture books. Most just don't make the grade with me. But I think Eddie the Bully is not only full of cute illustrations (which originally is what I thought I might be getting the book for) but the story is well told, too. Although a quick fix for a difficult problem (bullying), it's a start.

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