Sunday, April 5, 2015

A B Cs of Writing

Thoughts to ponder . . . brought on by Writer's Block.

Always keep punctuation under control, since it can stand out and disrupt reading. This is important! Don't forget! 
Be very careful to avoid cliches like the plague. Take the tiger by the tail and think outside the box. 
Characters need to be believable. Avoid exaggeration since it’s a kazillion times worse than telling a plain, boring story.
       Do your homework, which may require outside help. Try to guess the parts of your manuscript that a reader will skip over. (See a psychic if necessary.) Then hit the delete key. Hopefully you will have more than the title left when you’re finished.
Every writer needs to develop a questioning mind. (Why can’t I get an agent? Maybe because I can’t write worth a darn. Why do I have writer’s block? Maybe because the story doesn’t need to be told.) 
Finally, don’t repeat yourself. Trust the reader to understand what you’re writing. Don’t keep saying the same thing, in different ways, over and over. Write it once; don’t keep pushing repetitive thoughts on your reader, since that shows you don’t have confidence in your writing.
 It’s pretty obvious by my posts that I need to head back to the book I'm writing. It was a great story two days ago. Pretty good yesterday. But questionable today.



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